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BASE Information Session in London, UK

BASE Information Session in London, UK

Rinova held a BASE information session event within the London Borough of Islington, with one of the project stakeholder’s Councillor Michelline Ngongo at a prime community centre within the borough.

The event was  to promote the upcoming free Reflective and Empowering Training for Migrant and Refugee Women who have experienced Gender Based Violence. The training will provide an opportunity for women from different cultural backgrounds to share their experiences, as well as reflect on similarities and differences. Eventually promoting an understanding of the need to raise awareness of GBV and crossing the generation barriers.

The event was held at the Light Project Pro International, 1st Floor, Orkney House, Islington, London, N1 0AF on 27th of February 2020.  The training will be held at the same venue, starting in March 2020.